Our glazes contain no lead or cadmium, making it safe to use for serving food. For some of our pieces (specifically the TERRACOTTA range) we’ve left the clay bare (no glaze application, a natural sealant has been applied to protect against water or mild oily substances), therefore, please avoid serving any heavy oily sauces or oily food substances as this will stain your ceramics.


Our signature gold logo-mark is covered with real 24-carat gold luster. The gold luster takes on the glaze surface texture onto which it’s applied, so a shiny glaze will have a shiny texture and a matte glaze will have a more satin-like texture. Extra care should be taken to not use a harsh scrubbing sponge on the gold application.


We do not recommend placing your ceramics in the oven at high temperatures or placing them in the microwave.


Hand washing is recommended for an extended life-span. Placing your pieces in the dish washing machine can be considered, only occasionally, if you select the coolest setting & use a mild detergent.


Due to the high temperature that needs to be reached in the kiln, it is nearly impossible to achieve a perfect, consistent temperature throughout the entire kiln. Very occasionally small areas in the kiln do not reach full firing temperature. This can result in small hair line cracks in the glaze. This does not affect the quality of your pieces and it will not weaken your pieces.